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Our Guarantee and Return Policy

In normal use, bucking bars experience considerable stress. Bucking bars are designed to provide a heavy and hard surface to support the rivet when the rivet gun delivers its impulse force. If the metal alloy is too soft, the bucking bar will wear quickly or not provide the necessary assembly support. Alternatively, if the metal alloy is too hard and brittle, the bucking bar will fracture easily. Our tungsten metal alloys are designed especially for bucking bar applications.

At Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc., we have optimized our process to strike a balance between hardness and the tendency to fracture. We strive to provide a durable and reliable product. However, all bucking bars — tungsten or not — eventually wear (experience dents) or fracture due to the high-stress environment to which they are subjected. Our company is amongst the very few companies worldwide that warrantees its bucking bars.

Although offered as standard products, some of the bars in our inventory have been designed for very specific applications. If not used in these applications, the bar can break.

For this reason, the following bars are not covered for breakages under our quality guarantee: ETBB21, ETBB23, ETBB24, ETBB25 and ETBB26.

Tungsten Heavy Powder, Inc. guarantees our bucking bars to be free of defects and made to the specifications stated. We guarantee the quality of the bars for breakage if properly used. We will replace any broken bars with the return of the broken bar for analysis, subject to inspection and proper use according to the following timetable:

Days After Purchase Discounted Replacement Cost
Within 90 daysFree replacement
91 - 120 days75% off replacement cost
121 - 150 days50% off replacement cost
151 - 170 days25% off replacement cost
More than 170 daysNo discount on replacement

No RMA number is needed for the return, although photos of the broken bar are required for processing. To streamline the return process, please complete the short form below. You will be able to upload your photos as part of this form submission. Also, a courtesy phone call when the item is returned would be appreciated.